Review: Swing Unlimited Jazz Club: Gary Smulyan with the Nigel Price Organ Trio ‘at the Carrington’

New York style ultra smooth jazz came to Swing Unlimited Jazz Club ‘at the Carrington’ last Wednesday, courtesy of Gary Smulyan with the Nigel Price Organ Trio. As Bobby Darin’s wife, Sandra Dee, says in the movie ‘Beyond the Sea’, “People hear what they see”.  How to turn a comfortable hotel conference room into a swingin’ [...]

Review: Tom White Septet at Swing Unlimited Jazz Club ‘At the Carrington’

While the cat’s away, the mouse gets all the cream!  Two years on the road, Australia, Edinburgh, Paris, Malta, Torquay, Cornwall and Brighton and what did I find right on my doorstep on return?  A fantastic world-class jazz club every Wednesday night.  That was Swing Unlimited Jazz Club at Centre Stage in Westbourne.  I wandered [...]

Farewell to Wendy Street at Swing Unlimited Jazz Club

A farewell to Wendy Street, warmly supported by a packed house, was also a fond farewell to Swing Unlimited Jazz Club at Centre Stage after a three year residency.  Perhaps it was also a dual celebration.  Wendy Street, jazz singer of extraordinary character, is off to a Masters degree course in jazz singing at London’s [...]

Review: Swing Unlimited Big Band ‘Swingin’ Summertime’

Another summer night, another packed house of big band fans out to catch the best of Swing Unlimited Big Band’s ‘Swingin’ Summertime’ benefit, in aid of the Bournemouth Society for the Visually Impaired. Dinner and a 20-piece big band playing much loved classics with some pleasant surprises thrown in.  That swingin’ big sound, led with [...]

Review: Roughly Smooth, Nick Willshire Quartet, Wendy Street and Karl Charity at Swing Unlimited Jazz Club

Another night of terrific jazz came to Swing Unlimited Jazz Club this week.  It was a roll-call of some of the unsung heros of the club, full of surprises and swingin’ melodies right from the top. Arriving at the club, it was to the fabulous sounds of amazing young tenor saxophonist Nick Willshire and his [...]

Review: Tom Green Septet and the Daryl Ford Trio featuring Sarah Bolter

Summer’s here and sorry, but the ‘day job’ (plus ludicrous government inspections) has kept me from my blog.  Why government inspections?  It’s about time someone asked this question.  By someone I don’t mean the reactionary and xenophobic elements of the British press.  Why are foreign STUDENTS counted as immigrants in the monthly statistics?  (They come to the [...]

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