Review: Judy in Person at the New Steine Hotel, Brighton Fringe

Like Prout’s madeline retrouve, after three years performing the Pink Sinatra at the Brighton fringe on stage at the New Steine Hotel, how delightful to return, this time in the audience to see Gregoire Aubert perform his wonderful show Judy in Person.  After his original piece of fringe theatre last year, The Making of a Woman, he’s done it again!  Judy in Person is a marvellous and authentic piece of intimate and moving theatre.  Though billed as cabaret, it is in fact a well constructed play in which Greg as Judy acts out our heroine’s life story.

JUDY in person  Many in the audience in the packed house at the New Steine will have certainly not been born when that particular star was born.  The tumultuous tale is recounted with passion and pathos.  All the hit songs are there from A Star is Born to, of course, Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  Greg performs these in a unique way.  I won’t spoil the surprise, but rest assured you are in for a treat.  His characterisation of Judy is authentically played and emotionally raw.  And the dancing a knockout!  Like last year’s Making of a Woman, the production values are more Oxfam than X-factor and I’d say all the better for that.  This is the soul of fringe, giving us a fresh uncluttered performance.  And if the production values are minimal, they force an imaginative approach.  We are treated to some interesting theatrical touches, like the footlights in the second act and the well utilised projections onto an on-stage screen.  This Judy in Person doesn’t focus on the glitz but on the emotional journey of the character.  Greg as Judy carries us along with the intensity of his acting performance.  And a riveting two hours it is.

Judy in Person is fringe magic, beautifully conceived and performed by Gregoire Aubert with truth and charisma.  It makes for an involving and moving two hours of theatre for the lucky audiences.  Brighton Fringe has a lot to offer.  For theatre lovers and Judy afficionados, Judy in Person is the one to catch.



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